Apogee Duet, sE Electronics Magneto and Waves Renaissance Reverb £499 Save over £180.00


How’s about this then for a bargain bundle, with most retailers selling the Duet at £489 inc. alone, this bundle represents amazing value providing all you need to achieve highly professional vocal and instrument recordings.

The original Apogee Duet is possibly the most respected portable audio interface ever. Along with receiving many industry awards, Duet has also been instrumental in the creation of numerous GRAMMY winning records. While others have been trying to emulate its sound quality, ease of use and innovative design, Apogee have been busy making an even better Duet. Now the Duet 2 builds on the incredible success of its predecessor by adding advanced new features and delivering even better sound quality than the original.

The SE Electronics Magneto condenser microphone brings the rich heritage of high quality studio mics within reach for musicians on a budget. Magneto has been designed from the ground up to offer excellent performance specifications, producing outstanding results at its price point for recording vocals and acoustic instruments alike.

With specifications living up to today’s most demanding studio environments, a linear 20Hz – 20,000Hz frequency response, a high max SPL (140dB Max for 0.5%THD at 1000Hz) and high-sensitivity level, the SE Electronics Magneto studio condenser microphone is the obvious choice for anyone who needs a high-quality microphone with an entry-level price-tag.

With rich reverb tails, an advanced early reflection system, and dual-band EQ and damping controls, Waves Renaissance Reverb delivers unsurpassed sound and performance with extraordinary density and texture.

This is a strictly stock permitting limited time offer, grab your bundle today.