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Monitoring is one of the most important factors to getting your mixes right. You’ve invested in a nice pair of speakers and some room treatment but you still doubt your mix.
Trinnov Audio has developed the ST2Pro room optimizer that will dramatically improve the accuracy of your room through your speaker system.
The Trinnov Optimizer is connected in your monitoring path via analogue or AES i/o. Using a unique 3D microphone the system analyses and compares the direct sound of the speaker and the effect of the room. Once the measurements are captured the system automatically correlates the difference between the two with complex algorithms through onboard DSP processing. Correcting the frequency, phase, delay and level, the result is a much flatter, more accurate low end with improved stereo imaging and punch.

“What’s brilliant about the Trinnov is that it makes my job easier” – James Reynolds (Calvin Harris, Tinchy Stryder, Tinie Tempah, Pixie Lott, Jessie J and The Saturdays)

“A little over 5 minutes of room calibration and some detailed listening to a few choice reference records, the improvement of the stereo image and the low end control was obvious. I soon realized that I was finally getting to hear these speakers in the way I first heard them in various Mastering facilities in the USA”. Simon Heyworth – Super Audio Mastering

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