Brand Focus: Crane Song

Here at Miloco Gear we love Crane Song, the American high end outboard manufacturer.

stc8 & ibis

Crane Song have a truly unique way of designing their hardware. For example, the Crane Song Ibis is a multi band stereo equaliser that instead of using arbitrary frequencies as it’s main bands, it uses frequencies that are centred on and based around specifically chased musical step intervals from a low C note at 32Hz, up to a (very) high F note at 22.35kHz. The four bands overlap, and are annotated with both the frequency and note names. This is, we believe, the first EQ to provide such labelling, and it allows the user to program the EQ based on the musical notes rather than scientific frequency bands.

Crane Song AvocetThis innovative approach to design can be seen in their popular Avocet monitor controller. As used in studios such as Livingston Studio 1, the high fidelity conversion and accuracy has earned the Avocet a spot on many a console across the world. Crane Song set out to solve problems that were apparent with existing monitor controllers and packs in a huge number of features. It’s stylish remote looks great on the centre section of an SSL too!

Crane Song have just increased their arsenal of green-knobbed hardware with an updated version of the Avocet, and a new 500-series valve EQ called the Insignia. If you haven’t heard any of their kit yet do get in contact to arrange a demo by e-mailing In the meantime you can peruse our selection of Crane Song kit here.