Hot Fuzz! Introducing vintage effects pedals service

Did you know that Miloco Gear are now selling rare, vintage and cool future classic effects pedals? Well if not, now you do! Most producers with agree, nothing is cooler for some great studio inspiration than the immediacy and character that a great effects pedal can provide. We thought a great way to introduce this service to you would be a round up of some of the cool fuzz pedals currently in stock, lets start with :

Maestro FuzJPGMaestro FZ1B: Rumoured to be designed by no other than Bob Moog,the FZ1B is the successor to the historically significant Maestro FZ-1 (Satisfaction, Rolling Stones) and FZ-1A (Robby Kreiger, Doors), this FZ-1B is the rarer 4 silicon transistor version.






Kimbara fuzz)

Kimbara FY2 Fuzz : More widely known as the Shin-ei Companion FY-2, this is exactly the same pedal but branded as a Kimbara. Classic ripping chainsaw garage fuzz tones and a nice warm, almost synth-esque clean up when backing off the guitar volume. Much loved by Jack White, Dan Auerback (Black Keys), Radiohead and The Jesus and Mary Chain.


cheese1Lovetone Big Cheese : rarely seen on the used market, this is a super early example (serial number 0016) of one of the finest fuzz pedals ever made, Hey if its good enough for The Edge, Jimmy Page, J Mascis, Johnny Marr its good enough for anyone, Even the bass dudes like Larry Graham and Bootsy have one.





photo 2Dunlop Copper Fuzz Face: serial no. 201 of a strictly limited run of 2000 units, this one will be a future classic thats for sure. Hand-wired circuitry with matched NOS Russian germanium transistors, classic grey Cliff jacks, and Omeg pots, and its made out of copper to age beautifully over time, killer!





Mosrite)Mosrite Fuzzrite : incredible condition example of this 1968 Silicon Fuzz, you want some Iron Butterfly, you want a little Jimi, even a Little Spirit in the guy, this is your go to guy.






We have many other rare and classic pedals in stock, from vintage MXR, Jen, Vox, Electro Harmoinix, Boss and Musictronics to boutique brands rarely seen in the Uk.

Get in touch to find out more and for our latest list of vintage and rare effects pedals.