Christmas Gifts for Sound Engineers

Christmas is coming, so here at Miloco Gear we’ve compiled a list of recording studio equipment that would make the perfect Christmas gifts for sound engineers.

Apogee Jam 96k1. Apogee Jam 96K – £80
The Apogee Jam is a teeny tiny audio interface that connects to any Mac computer and iOS device, meaning you can plug in a guitar, bass, or anything on a ¼” jack and hit record straight away. It’s a super stocking filler and with sample rates going up to 96kHz it certainly packs a punch in the sound quality department.

iD22-Top2. Audient ID22 – £375
A step up from the Apogee Jam, this powerful USB audio interface has 2 ins and 6 outs, including two Audient mic pres as found on their big consoles. There’s a whole host of features including 96kHz conversion, a DI input, monitor controlling and plenty more.

Chandler Germanium Drive3. Chandler Germanium Drive – £249
Chandler Limited have been building vintage-style outboard gear with a modern twist for years now, and their germanium range, which make use of the famed germanium transistor, has trickled down to their range of guitar pedals. The germanium drive is a superb little overdrive pedal that has 5 feedback positions that modify the harmonic distortion, giving anything from soft and subtle distortion to fuzzy germanium madness!

VOG-14. Little Labs VoG – £249
Everybody loves a bargain when Christmas shopping, so why not look through our revered used list before hitting the shops? You’ll find this 500 series Little Labs VOG unit amongst many others. A lovely bass resonance and booster, the VOG is a great toy for your 500 series lunchbox.

MF-1015. Moog MF-101 – £205
Everyone knows the name “Moog”, and while a top of the range Voyager synth may not be the most suitable thing to put under the Christmas tree their range of pedals are certainly worth a look. Here we have the MF-101, which is an incarnation of the famous LP filter found in Moog’s keyboard throughout the ages.

voucher-featured6. Recording Studio Voucher – £10+
If you’re stumped for ideas sometimes the best gifts to gift are experienced-based. With the Miloco Studios vouchers you can buy studio time at any of Miloco’s prestigious recording studios. The minimum spend is £10, so the size of the gift is completely up to you. We would advise that you don’t get a whole amount of studio time for a tenner though.

Neve VR607. Neve VR60 – £32,500
What do you get the sound engineer who has everything? A 60-channel analogue Neve console with flying faders and Total Recall of course. Santa may need to upgrade his sleigh, and he’ll certainly struggle to fit it into a Christmas stocking, but it will all be worth it to see the look on said sound engineer’s face when he tears the wrapping paper off it on Christmas morning.