SSL XLogic G Series Compressor

SSL XLogic G Series Compressor

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The latest version of the famous SSL bus compressor


The SSL XLogic G Series Compressor is the latest incarnation of the famous stereo bus compressor as found on the centre section of G Series SSL Consoles in the 1980s.

Often described as a "magic box", the legendary G Series comp has added glue, punch and power to innumerable mixes over the last 30 years. The SSL XLogic G Series Compressor is the current outboard version of the centre section comp, and brings the famous sound to a handy 1U rack unit. The compressor is a VCA based stereo compressor formed from the circuitry found in the master section compressor from the world renowned G Series analogue console from the 1980s. Built with one goal in mind, the SSL XLogic G Series Compressor delivers incredibly stylish compressor ether on the mix bus or on stereo sources. Simply put, the SSL XLogic G Series Compressor will make your mixes sound bigger and punchier, delivering greater power and drive to whatever the source material is. It brings strength and "glue" to a mix without making any kind of compromise on clarity. I'm sure you're already familiar with the power of the G Bus compressor, which is of course present as ever in the latest model, the SSL XLogic G Series Compressor.

For ‘glue’ purposes, the SSL XLogic G Series Compressor reigns pretty much supreme, a holy grail compressor that does both transparency and glue with swagger, making your mix louder and punchier whilst adding an expensive, modern-sounding cohesiveness that has probably shaped the sound of more hit records than any other over the past three decades. For many producers, in just about every genre, the SSL XLogic G Series Compressor is the go to compressor that sits on the mix bus for every single mix. It has a unique ability to make a good mix sound like a finished track.

Its ability to 'patch' into the SL 4000's centre compressor, and also control its sidechain from an internal sub-mix also allowed engineers to discover the amazingly unique qualities of this compressor for use on instruments like piano and drums, as well as its classic mix finalising capabilities. This versatility created the demand for a rack mount equivalent and a legendary piece of outboard gear was born.

We are big fans of all things SSL and this unit can be heard at The Church Studios, one of our flagship facilities.

An essential piece of gear for any studio, call us today to arrange a demo.