Computer for Sound Recording

Here at Miloco Gear we’re delighted to have started selling Apple computers. Whether it’s the new Mac Pro with its vast processing power, or the older “tower” style Mac Pros, the staple of the industry for the past 6 years, we’re hear to build you the perfect computer for Sound Recording.


Of course if you do take the jump to the new Mac Pro for sound recording (as we have at Miloco’s Toast studio), you will probably need an array of expansion chassis and external hard-drives to accommodate your setup. The new Mac Pro is an incredible computer for Sound Recording, but to get the most from it we can help you pick the right drives and accessories to house PCIe cards and other extras. As main dealers for Avastor and G-Tech hard drives we’ve got everything needed to upgrade your system.

2009-mac-pro_2lOf course not everybody is too keen to use the new Mac Pro for audio production. Fortunately though we can still get the older Tower Mac Pros too. Available in almost any configuration of drive size, RAM and processors, all our Tower Mac Pros are either end of lease operating units or fully refurbished, and they all come with a 12-month warranty. So if you’re in that difficult position of wanting to upgrade your old G5, but don’t fancy spending too much on a new Mac Pro and all the accessories, we can supply the newest generation of tower Mac Pros.