DAD AX24 converters are now available at a very special price

ntp_technology_dad_ax24The last of the DAD AX24 units are now available at a very special price

AX24 with 8 Mic/line AD inputs and 8 DA line outputs 44.1Khz to 384Khz DXD and DSD
Any 2 digital i/o cards with a choice of either MADI, AES/EBU or Protool HDX
USB to 422 converter and 3m cable

The NTP DAD AX24 is designed for use with high-end digital audio workstations where the maximum possible recording quality is required. It supports 44.1 up to 192 kHz sampling rates as well as the 352.8 kHz DXD sampling rate used for recording and editing Super Audio CDs. An optional high-quality microphone preamplifier makes the AX24 the world’s most transparent A/D converter microphone preamplifier. Users of NTP DAD audio signal processors include Abbey Rd, Bauer Studios, CMC Studios, Danish Radio, DEX Mastering, DPA Microphones, Galaxy Studios, Lindberg lyd, Master Touch, McGill Unversity, Moscow Music Conservatory, NHK, NRK, Real Sound, Royal Danish Opera House, Royal Opera London, Sidney Opera house, SK Works, SoundWorks/Jeff Sheridan, Spanish Radio, St Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra, Stock Fish Records, Swedish Radio, Telarc International, Ultimo Productions and the Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra.

• Fully Modular – 224 different configurations
• Sample rates and I/O structure can be upgraded
• From 2 to 8 analog Line or Mic input channels
• From 2 to 8 analog output channels
• 24 bit PCM sample rates up to 384 kHz
• DXD sample-rate: 352.8 kHz
• DSD sample rates: 64fs & 128 fs
• Digital I/O: MADI, AES3, S/PDIF, TDIF, and ProTools
• Digital DSD formats compatible with MADI and SDIF-3
• Integrated Mic pre with analog gain
• Full remote controllable via RS-422, USB or Ethernet
• Mic pre controls can be represented on the channelstrip of major consoles and work stations

WAS £6988 Inc
NOW £3999 inc
A huge saving of £2989

There are very limited units available at this price. Once they are gone there will be no more so be quick, first come first served!