Just in – Vintage and rare DBX 162 Stereo Compressor

photo2photo1This Vintage DBX 162 Stereo Compressor VCA  compressor is considered as a classic . The DBX 160 is perfect if you need that big fat low end, woody mids, and and super quick release.

The DBX 162 VU is the stereo version of the famous DBX 160 VU. The 162/160 VU line is considered the holy grail of drum and bass compression. They have the perfect attack and release times for drums and bass, and really give you great punchy drums.

The new 160A/XT line switched to using IC Op Amps, as opposed to this unit, the 162/160 VU line, which used discrete VCA’s, which everyone agrees sound better.

This is the best drum and bass compressor out there, and it doesn’t hurt that it happens to be one of the easiest to use as well!  These are getting harder and harder to find, so don’t miss out!

 This DBX 162 VU Vintage Compressor Limiter has been modded to have XLR In and Out and has recently had a full service at Vintage King, call us today for pricing.dbx_162_advert_page