Phasers, Filters and Flangers

Last month we looked at some of the cooler Fuzz pedals we currently have it stock, this month we’ve got a load more vintage guitar pedals for sale, so let’s look at our favourite Phasers, Filters and Flangers.

biphaseLets start with the daddy of all Phasers,the Mutron Biphase. We currently have two exceptional examples of this pedal in stock, both in their original boxes complete with footswitches and C100 controller. The secret weapon to the Siamese dream guitar sound or for those super cool Private Life era Grace Jones tones to Zappas wildest moments.

Roland Jet

Roland AP7 Jet Phase: Two words, Larry Graham! Also used on the Isley Brother summer Breeze, wonderfully crazy fuzz and flange from Roland, easily one of the coolest pedals ever made.

mutronNLMusitronics Mutron iii : the biggest, baddest, funkiest envelope filter of all-time – the Mu-Tron III. Debuting in 1972, Musitronic’s Mu-Tron III was the first stand-alone effects device of its kind, literally defining an entirely new category of effects and setting the standard for every envelope filter and auto-wah that was to follow – a standard many believe has yet to be matched. Good enough for for Bootsy, Jerry Garcia and Stevie Wonder,case closed!

Maestro Ps-1a : designed by no other than Tom Oberheim, super simple controls to give you instant deep wonderful phasing not heard in any other pedal. As used by John Paul Johns on the Rhodes on No Quarter.

EH Stereo Pulse Modulator, one of EH’s earliest designs, this pedal was actually designed to be used with your stereo! The jacks on the rear are RCA jacks, perfect for hooking up your 8-track player to it. Far out! Its actually THREE tremolos in one box! Not only that, but it has a control to boost your signal as well.
EH Deluxe Electric Mistress, instant Andy Summers and Dave Gilmour in a box, need we say more!