PMC TwoTwo.5
PMC TwoTwo.5

PMC TwoTwo.5

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PMC pedigree with sophisticated digital signal processing.


The PMC TwoTwo.5 is an active studio monitor from leading manufacturers PMC. It is the 5-inch woofer model from their new TwoTwo series.

PMC is known as makers of real reference monitors, and the new TwoTwo series of monitors combine their leading design with advanced DSP and amplification, all combined to make a range of exceptionally accurate and compact monitors. Such qualities are clearly evident in the PMC TwoTwo.5.

The PMC TwoTwo.5 is part of a range that comprises three units – the PMC TwoTwo.5, TwoTwo.6 and TwoTwo.8. All of which are British-made and designed, using cutting edge parts and technology. As a result, PMC has produced a range that is hard to beat when it comes to clarity and accuracy. The model name relates to the size of the bass driver in inches, with larger models increasing in SPL and bass response.

Size, of course, isn't everything. The PMC TwoTwo.5 is the smallest speaker in the new TwoTwo series, but despite its size, this extremely compact nearfield monitor has the same features and technology as the larger monitors in the range, which in turn means it is able to perform far beyond what one may expect of such a compact unit. The resolution and neutral response s completely astonishing and is delivered thanks to PMCs dual amps, advanced digital signal processing, new tweeter, new bass driver and the advanced specified labyrinth cabinet in which it is all housed.

As a result, the PMC TwoTwo.5 is a dependable and very high-quality monitor that will surpass all expectations for its size. Perfectly suited where space is an issue, but quality cannot be compromised.

Price is per pair.