Take it for a test drive – on-site demos and loaner units


If you were to visit your local car dealership and they salesman asked told you the only way to test drive your potential purchase was to do laps of the shop floor, you would possibly pass them an odd look and quickly exit the building. In the same light, is the equivalent of testing that next potential high ticket purchase of pro-audio gear best served in a noisy busy shop? Reviews and internet forum searches may help, but may also leave you feeling bewildered by the conflicting opinions, so when you need to buy audio equipment the only way to truly discover is to experience the unit in your own surroundings, giving you that fully hands on experience and confidence that this is the right choice.

Get in touch with us today if you would like to arrange an onsite demo of that next piece or pieces of gear you are considering, we work pretty much every audio manufacturer out there so just let us know what you want to try and when? Don’t buy audio equipment blind, let Miloco Gear ensure your hard earned cash is spent on the right product for you.