Used item of the week, Crane Song Avocet with custom patchbay

Crane Song Avocet with custom digital patchbay :

The “Avocet” is designed to solve the problems of accurate monitoring and volume control as required by workstation users, studios and mastering rooms alike. It is a stereo controller with three digital inputs, three analog inputs and a headphone system. It’s comprised of a rack mounted unit and table top remote control. Avocet has many features including; dim, mute, phase, mono, and 16 bit truncation functions, plus a speaker select switch that sends line level balanced audio to one of three outputs. The six input sources have on the fly gain trim capability and all digital signals are up-sampled and jitter reduced to ensure highest accuracy during D/A conversion.
The custom patchbay comprises of  six pairs of AES/EBU in/out that connect via the rear edac to pairs of XLRs on the loom. Next are the three digital inputs to the Avocet. Next there are two pairs of AES/EBU that connect to the front XLR in/outs. Finally a pair of Impedance Converting in/outs that connect to the front panel SPDIF connectors. These are BNC with removable phono adaptors.
Also included is a handy M-Audio CO3 box can be used to convert the optical out of a  Mac Pro to AES, and into the back of the patchbay.
All of this for only  £1600 ex VAT