VIntage mic’s galore

We have had some very fine additions to our vintage microphones section, two of the highlights being:

HDC_9112Neumann KM54 Telefunken AC701k tube microphone with Neumann PSU, serviced by Andreas Grosser

– Telefunken AC701k
– Neumann KK84 gold-sputtered mylar capsule
– C latest revision circuit with different cathode biasing (low noise)
– Neumann NM power supply recapped
– New Sommer tube cable & new tuchel connector

Melodium 42B huge vintage ribbon microphone – The French RCA44

Although not a widely know brand, the Melodium 42B is regarded as one of the finest ribbon microphones ever built. Sometimes referred to as a French RCA44 renowned for its wonderful warm sound along with an impressive frequency response. Its worth bearing in mind the company started the manufacturing of this microphone 1932, so theres a possibility that the Melodium 42B may have influenced the RCA 44BX.

Melodium founder Emile Furn and his chief designer Charles Boutelleau worked since 1922 on the development of microphones and incidentally before the 42B ribbon they launched their first condenser microphone Melostatic (1930). We do love our French microphone history at Miloco Gear.

Also in stock we have a Neumann U67, U47 FEt and matched pair of vintage U87’s.

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