Yamaha SK50D – the poor man’s CS80?

Synth fans, a wonderful example of a vintage Yamaha SK50D has just landed with us at MG Hq. TBH, its not a synth I have a huge amount of knowledge of, so I began to do a little research and found this article on the web which caught my attention (being such a fan of the CS80), would love to hear your comments ?


photo 1

“With a SK50D I can do about 70 % of what I can do on my CS80 for a fraction of the price. It really has that almost archetypal Yamaha analog sound. Add a good ring mod and you can increase that to 90 %!
 Those are harsh words, especially from one of the biggest CS80 fans in the world but let’s get real here: Organ, strings, polysynth and an expressive, aftertouch sensible solosynth are combined in one beautiful package. O.K. Of course that cannot compensate fully for the CS80’s biggest assets (truly polyphonic compared to paraphonic, velocity sensitivity, poly aftertouch and pitch ribbon) but what price to pay for these extra facilities? Presently a decent SK50D or SK30 costs a twentieth of a CS80 and still they are more rugged and stable.
So get one while they’re still a steal.”

If you have not heard an SK50D before, have a look here, here and here. I think you’ll find its a lot of analog synth for the money (£1k), get in touch if you would like to arrange a demo.